SME Data Reselling business is no doubt one of the fast-growing businesses in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. It is a profitable business that will always exist as long as people continue to use the internet.

One interesting thing about SME Data Reselling business is that you don’t need high capital or a shop to start the business. All you need is just a phone or a laptop to start making money from the comfort of your home.
In this article, I will show you how to start SME Data Reselling business the easiest way and how to make money from it.

What Is SME Data Reselling Business?

SME Data Reselling involves buying data in bulk at a reduced price and reselling it to end-users at a good profit margin. In this kind of business, it is easy to get customers by reaching out to your families and friends to patronize you. From there, the business can grow to become a large business and your main source of income.

How To Start SME Data Reselling Business With MTNPLUG

MTNplug is one of the fastest growing platforms for sales of MTN data in Nigeria. (Google can testify ✌🏾. Go and google MTNplug).

Apart from getting data bundles of MTN at the cheapest rate, you can also use it to convert your airtime to cash, there’s API for web developers, SMS  command to get data in case network is bad or you have no data.

Registering on MTNplug gives you access to buy data at N290 per gb

You can however upgrade to become a reseller with a token of N1000 only and have access to buy at N250 then resell at desired price.

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