*This is how to write a sales copy…*

Let me show you a simple formula you can use to write a sales copy..

I’m about to give you a 20k course for free..

So pay rapt attention..

This formula has pulled in millions of Naira for brands and businesses..

If this is the only thing you learn, you can actually start making serious money writing sales copies for people..

Let’s go..

🎯 Headline
🎯 Openings
🎯 Story
🎯 Solution
🎯 Benefits
🎯 Offer
🎯 Testimonial
🎯 Guarantee
🎯 Call to action
🎯 What they will loose/warning
🎯 Call to action

Let’s apply this to

You can use this formula for any kind of product..

Let’s go..

(Story) Discover the easiest way to relocate to Canada without wasting money on any stupid agent..(Headline)

You will learn how to do everything yourself and save yourself time and money..

I’m a resident of Canada and it took me 5 years to come up with this course so pay rapt attention……(opening)

I really felt pained when those years I wasted over 4 Million Naira just applying for Canadian visa..

From one agent to the other..

Agent that have never being to Canada..

And most of them sef charge very high..

Something that’s very affordable and easy to run..

But NO.. they will never allow the public know this things I’m about to share with you..

Canada is one of the best cities to live in..

I live here with my family now..

I came alone before..

But after I discovered some secrets that 98% of people don’t know about traveling to Canada I brought up my family and friends..

Wouldn’t you like to relocate and also bring up your family or fiancee?

Let me stop here..

(The solution) I became friends with an immigration officer who actually showed a way Nigerians can use to relocate to Canada EASILY..

Without any visa wahala..

Like everything will be swift and fast..

There some companies that are very strong and heavily connected to the Canadian embassy..

Any visa that comes to them must be approved..

This are Nigerians that are based in Canada..

They have helped millions of Nigerians relocate..

My friend in Canada introduced them to me and in less than 30 days I was in Canada..

Everything processed and stamped..

(Benefits) You save your self unnecessary heart break and headache..

Save yourself stress and money..

Have peace of mind and joy of a soon to be Canadian citizen..

Imagine that for a moment…


Omo the first time I saw that I nearly fainted..

It was a dream come true..

Do you want to achieve your own dreams?

Stay with me..

(Offer) I met with 12 immigration officers and 7 Canadian government officials while compiling this course..

They turned me down several times but I kept going..

5 years of my sweat is inside what you’re about to get..

You will achieve in 60 days what took me 5 years to achieve..

🎯 Inside the course you will get a 7 video step by step on EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating to Canada..

🎯 You will get a step by step video on on applying for visa..

🎯 You will get a list of fail proof companies that processes a Canadian visa in less than 30 days..

Let me stop here bayi 😅

This post is getting long..

I would have killed you with offer..

Then after that also add bonuses..

As a bonus you will also get blah blah blah..

You also add a bonus that will make them take action now..

I also have a bonus for those that will get the product today..

If you order today you will will get a list of Canadian hotels that pays as high as 500 dollars per hour so you can use to hold yourself when you land..(they’re always looking for people)

This is for those that order today alone..

(Testimonies) Let me show you what people like you that got the course are saying..

(You blast them with Testimonies if you have one)

(Guarantee) Here’s another thing…

Do not order this course if you’re not ready to leave Nigeria in 60 days..

The process is very fast..

If you get the product and you don’t arrive in Canada in 60 days here’s my Instagram handle ******

Chat me up and I will refund your money back to you..

I repeat don’t buy this course if you’re not ready to leave Nigeria in 60 days..

(Call to Action)Get the course here

Make sure you have up to 1 Million in your account..

This is for serious minded people alone..

This is the only course that have have taken lots of Nigerians from Nigeria to Canada in 60 days..(super fast)

Here’s what people say about my course again..

(Insert testimonies)

You can choose to continue wasting money up and down or get the course and smile while you sleep on the 59th day cause you know you’re waking up in Canada..

My personal number is inside the course..

You will see my house and my face..

Will show you deep things that will make you shout..

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Author: Solomon Opeyemi