SME Data Reselling business is no doubt one of the fast-growing businesses in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. It is a profitable business that will always exist as long as people continue to use the internet.

One interesting thing about SME Data Reselling business is that you don’t need high capital or a shop to start the business. All you need is just a phone or a laptop to start making money from the comfort of your home.

Reselling business is a easy way to make money online

2k × 30 makes 60k a month

Sell MTN 20GB everyday.
The cost of 1gb MTN from MTNplug is N250 only, resell at N350 per gb and viola, you make 2k without sweating.

There are several ways to achieve the aforementioned amount steadily everyday which you will discover via your ingenuity.

Bonus tips: Design a flier(download canva and design it yourself) . Ask friends to repost and recommend you to their circle about your data and subscription business.

In summary;

Fund your wallet with any amount
Start selling.

It’s like

Go to the market
Buy pepper
Start reselling

More could be achieved if little effort is added.

Be an aggressive marketer and be visible.