It can be annoying, frustrating and depressing to want to use money and not have. Not many have the courage to ask their friends for urgent 2k. More so, once urgent 2k becomes frequent, one may likely begin to loose those whom ought to be strong network.

In this article, you will read how you have underrated data reselling and how that it is really low key gold mine. You can conveniently build this business to come your major source of income, it can be a means to boost your finances in 2022.

MTNplug is one of the fastest growing platforms for sales of MTN data in Nigeria. (Google can testify ✌🏾. Go and google MTNplug).

Apart from getting data bundles of MTN at the cheapest rate, you can also use it to convert your airtime to cash, there’s API for web developers, SMS  command to get data in case network is bad or you have no data.

You can register here for free and you will even be credited with a token for joining the platform.
You can use the platform via web address.

Why MTNplug is unique

● Easy to navigate website
● Cheap data rate
● Reasonable airtime to cash rate
● Fast response time
● Almost 24/7 customer care service
● Refund policy
SMS command for purchase in case of inaccessible to network
● more


1. Referrals
When you register on MTNplug, a unique referral code is assigned to each person, which you can send to people. You earn N50 whenever people use your referral code. 5- 6 persons using your referral code handles your personal data usage as you don’t need to pay for data again. Isn’t  that nice?

 2. Sales of data

When you register, you access to buy data at N290 per gb

You can however upgrade to become a reseller with a token of N1000 only and have access to buy at N250 then resell at desired price.

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