I actually took my time to research most people related to Obi Cubana while trying to develop a snippet blog post about him and here is the summary of what I noticed.

1. You won’t know some people are actually rich if not because of social media.

2. Some people have little money but use social media as clout to exaggerate it and use the little money to buy fame.

3. Running a business like a Club house where people come to spend money, like Shina Peller’s Quilox, you will attract all manners of people; legit Business men that like socializing, Politicians, Fraudsters, Ritualists and Entertainers, most of these people only way to spend money is to drink, frolick with women and make connections.

Yes, lots of them get well connected at the Bar. They decide many Nigerian issues behind drinking. Even Professors, Top military officers unwind in club houses. I remember, a friend telling me the best time to talk to some Professors in my Alma Mata then is one beer parlour in Ado Ekiti town. I was shocked when he started listing names and girls you will find there. (Sorry for the digression)

4. There are many Igbo silent Millionaires in Nigeria especially from that Anambra State that are pure Business men, those making noise are not even up to the one you will shocked are way richer. In many Yorùbá towns, Igbo men have bought virtually all properties around Business area and I don’t blame them, they know the business. I can attest to this in my town. Only feeble minded will think everyone of them are ritualists and scammers even though there are many who may be.

Some people are legit and still spend recklessly. Ask footballers and Musicians. It will be funny if some people see the way Davido and all these other big artistes spend their money, you will hastily say no Davido must be a Yahoo boy.. Lol

5. Social media is an enabler for many perceived ills you see. Don’t blame anyone for living the kind of life they choose, be yourself and don’t be carried away but to be frank people are making money in Nigeria, yes legally. You only need to get the right information and meet the right people.

It is well. This is my humble opinion!

Elufowora Eluyemi