It appears Baba Lalude is the next big Collaboration for Nigerian Skit makers now.

The list of Comedians onboarding him is increasing daily. Yesterday, I watched @iamremote with Lalude and I smiled.

Lalude has worked recently with lots of Instagram Comedians like Kiekie, MrMarcaoni, Oluwadollarz, The NEPA boys and many more.

I have said it before, it’s these boys and girls that will now be calling Actors and Actresses for work now.

Skit Making has open another door of making money for these thespians and it increases views for the comedians when you feature Oga Bello or Elegbeje Ado in your Skit..

The likes of Olaiya are now regular faces in 2mins Skits today.

Collaborations is a big thing in Content Creation. Attract a big figure or face, a you see viewership surge.

They are calling Abija too recently (as seen in one of these screenshots) and Iya gbonkan. I hope they extend this to the ailing Fadeyi Oloro who is in need of money for his health.

Like the elder say, Bokete ba dagba tan, Omu Omo re ni yio ma mu. It’s good to see Kiekie inviting Iya gbonkan and Lalude for 2mins skits.

Atleast 50k, they will get for these features. These are one of the reasons why I will continue to support these guys.

They have niched down the movie industry for us to patronize, especially for those who don’t have time to watch movies, especially at home.

Eluyemi Elufowora