Nigerian Comedian Kehinde Peter Otolorin a.k.a KennyBlaq is set to launch his debut special comedy show and the first ever Nigerian One man stand up Music-comedy Show on Netflix, come November 17th.

The Comedian claimed that the Covid House lockdown affected him badly and he stayed home for a year, and that’s where the Idea of a Neflix Music Comedy came to his mind.

He did a trial shoot, tested it with Neflix and got licenced to make more and that birthed “IN MY ROOM”

This is surely something to look out for, if you always feel KennyBlaq.

This dude is the first Standup Comedian I have wasted my Data that much, watching his Comedy and more than anyone else on YouTube.

It’s a big one KennyBlaqmcfr.

Watch out for this on Netflix and Cinemas

Eluyemi Elufowora