Almost everyone agrees that K1’s New Wife Ajike Okin is beautiful.

Baba has made it officially this morning with Bible verses, even go studio go do couple Dance. I couldn’t download the video, check it out in the link of the video I made on this.

I first reported this relationship on YouTube and I dey happy each time people search for her and see my video.

I followed Ajike on Instagram immediately to confirm the story then and with all her Comments from people, especially those Gistlover Wahala followers who dey disturb her, mama just dey smile ni. I know say, love is in the air. Kia, I went to research her for my video. And I’m happy it’s finally true. Lol. She is our wife oo. I honestly wish her joy. Nothing but Joy.

Not all rumours are true, but this one is true o.

Eluyemi Elufowora