The constant headache(literally) you have is because “there’s no money on ground ”

I get you there, right?

The receipt of credit alerts is the beginning of sound health.

Ensure you follow through.

It’s such a great feeling to wake up and sleep on credit alerts.

Pay attention to this

I can show you how to make between N30k to N50k monthly WITHOUT sweating or SELLING DATA on MTNplug

E shock you?
Yes, you are NOT going to sell data

Being an affiliate .


If you look around you both offline and online, there are people who sell data and I can make bold to tell us that there are resellers that currently buys at a price higher than N250 which MTNplug offers her resellers.

Thus, as an affiliate, your work is to intimate them with to the platform.

To do:

1. Register (you don’t need to sell data)
2. Approach a data seller
3. Introduce MTNplug
4. Let them register using YOUR referral link.
(This is important)
4. Ensure you let them know what it takes to become a reseller.
5. Earn 50%, yes 50% of their upgrade fee
6. Chat our customer care person and be credited immediately

HOW TO MAKE 30K monthly as an affiliate

• The cost of upgrade for each reseller is N1000
• 50% of that is N500
• If you talk to two persons per day, that’s N1000
• N1000 in 30 days is do the maths
• Obviously, you can earn more

In simple terms if you refer a person to MTNplug using your referral link and the person upgrade to MTN Reseller package you will get 500 Naira in your wallet.
Meaning you don’t need to sell data to earn, you can withdraw your accumulated earnings anytime.
Share everywhere.