Yoruba Language Promotion is surely a lifelong chase for not only us, but also a generation that is coming after us, who happen to have come at a time when speaking it is now seen as sign of knowing little, or being less off.

This is why those who still care and worried daily about possible death of Nigerian local Languages, are trying to make it attractive in many ways, especially as innovative Kid’s Educational Programmes on TV and Digital Platforms, where Kids can pick up new words in Yorùbá and familiarise themselves with speaking to fluency.

This is why I find a YouTube channel called “Ebi Folorunsho” useful. It is a monthly created family Drama of the Folorunshos – The family of a Unilag Yoruba Lecturer Character, his wife and twin kids (Taye Kehinde), who made the speaking of Yoruba at home a delight.

The Folorunshos is purely animated videos of Interesting family Stories that carry old folklores, Old times songs, tales, and records of events in old Nigeria, in a way that refreshes the memory of kids.

I have watched many Yoruba contents for kids, and I must say Ebi Folorunsho is another one to subscribe to on YouTube for your family.

Once they drop a new video, and you have pushed (“hit”) the notification button after subscribing, you automatically get message that a new video is available subsequently.

It’s truly recommended for every Yoruba parents who have kids that have access to watching Educational Videos. Add it to their cartoons. They see Yorùbá names for some foods, materials, school items and animals in the Drama.

Our own language is our own unique identity, and one of the only few things others may want to learn from us. Let’s protect it.

If this looks like something you like, then search for Ebi Folorunsho on YouTube, subscribe and enjoy their videos.

I accidentally stumbled on them as I was searching for stuff for a friend’s daughter many months back. I know this must be more supported. The resources and time must be appreciated.

Watch and recommend to others too.

Share this with friends too. Thanks

Eluyemi Elufowora